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2021 Festival Photos

Artist Shawn McCann's 2021 DMSAF 3D piece.
Artist Briauna Williams working hard on her 2021 DMSAF piece.
A young artist hard at work on the 2021 community mandala.
Artist Allison Severson's 2021 DMSAF chalk piece.
Artist Annemarie Geniusz's at work.
Nicollet Mall during the 2021 DMSAF.
Artist Sig Natur's mural for the 2021 DMSAF.
Artist Raghda Skeik discussing her 2021 piece with onlookers.
A young festival-goer taking advantage of the lawn games and activities lining Nicollet.
Street Show artist Duo Flamenco performing during the 2021 DMSAF.
Heart & Soul Drum Academy performs during the 2021 DMSAF.
Festival-goers admiring the art while the street artists are hard at work.
NUR-D kicked off the 2021 DMSAF with a live concert on Nicollet.
Festival-goers admiring artist Amanda-Lee Harris-Gibbs's 2021 DMSAF chalk piece.

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